Starting to Grow

Need more time? At this stage we really get stuck into simplifying, integrating and automating your business, with a dash of productivity on the side…

     1.  Simplify: Have as few steps and little complexity to your workflow as possible.

     2.  Integrate: Get apps and programs connected so you only enter data once. 

     3.  Automate: Make things happen as close to the single click of a button as possible.

Review & Improve

We look at what you’ve got and how we can make it better.



  • Review of Your Current Setup to ensure all account and list settings are correct and determine what integrations and automations you currently have in place.
  • 20 min Zoom Consult to discuss findings and make recommendations for the ways in which you could optimise your email marketing moving forward.
  • Summary Report a brief summary of findings and discussions as outlined above with some clearly defined next actions.



  • Systems Status Questionnaire to identify possible gaps and weaknesses in your current systems
  • 45 min Zoom Consult to discuss your needs, wants and hopes for the future of your business 
  • Recommendations Report providing advice on how best to simplify, integrate and automate your business workflow and systems along with clearly defined next actions.


There are time saving changes to be made not only to your business workflow but also to how YOU flow IN your business! 


  • Coaching Questionnaire to determine how you currently manage your emails, time, tasks and projects.
  • 3 x 45 min Zoom coaching sessions on a fortnightly basis
  • Session Summary & Actions List provided after each session to support you in implementing and practising your new habits

Setup & Support

We put new systems into place and support you moving forward.


Sometimes you just need someone in the know to provide tech advice, help you brainstorm ideas, refocus your thoughts and prioritise your tasks.


  • 30 min Zoom Session to discuss absolutely whatever you need!
  • Follow Up Email summarising our discussions and outlining your next steps

$95 /month

Ever wish you had someone on standby to deal with all your tech issues for you? 

Now you do!


  • Intake Questionnaire to obtain information on all of your websites apps and platforms.
  • LastPass Account Setup (free version) to store, access and share your passwords going forwards.
  • 45 min of Tech Support / Advice each month. Additional hours billed at $85 per/h
  • Minimum 3 month commitment


Using your existing branding and paperwork to get you up and happening!


  • Client Migration from another platform if required
  • Forms creation of your contracts, questionnaires, proposals and lead captures inside Dubsado
  • Canned Emails creation of all your regularly used mails as templates
  • Invoicing and Payments invoice customisation and input of all your service/product packages and payment schedules.
  • Workflows and Automations creation of workflows to support your processes and client journey.
  • Scheduler setup of Dubsado scheduler or integration of an external scheduler into your workflows. 
  • Website Integration setup a lead capture and/or scheduler access from your existing website.
  • 2 x 45 min Zoom Consults to support you initially in mapping out and refining your workflows and then to run you through your setup once the project is complete.

Sorta, kinda, not really? That’s OK!

I would love to chat and customise something especially for you.

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