Who is Mikala?

I have taught tap dancing, managed retail stores, run political offices, created eLearning programs, organised conferences, taught IT how to troubleshoot, developed and implemented state-wide systems, raised two children (a work in progress) and nurtured my own business.

Inspired Office arose from my inability to find engaging, stimulating and flexible part-time work following the birth of my children, sound familiar?

Just prior to having my first child (in fact right up until the end of my 39th week of pregnancy) I worked 10 hour days, 6 days a week in federal politics with all the travel and sleepless nights that entailed. Once I became a mother I decided I wanted to slow down, engage more in life and enjoy myself and my family.

What started off as a hobby to help prop up my income at times when I was unable to access sufficient family-friendly working conditions, has morphed into a driving passion – supporting Mums who have also decided to take the leap into running their own business. Because you can be a great Mum AND run your own business!

Are you ready? Let’s make it happen